Table acrylic sign holder are great to display menu,signage

This L style acrylic sign holder is made from high quality eco-friendly clear acrylic material,which is smooth,clear and durable,highly resistant to dirt and scratches.The counter sign holder is designed with a slanted back that clearly and efficiently present menu,signage, pictures and posters,its edge? is highly polished and great to showcase your ads proudly in front of your customers .
These side loading counter sign displays are easily load or swap out your photos or documents from the side of the sign holder. This loading feature provides the added value of keeping out water, dust, and debris from entering the display from the top.

acrylic sign holders

menu sign stands1

Our counter plastic sign stands are versatile and durable ,it feature many purposes. These transparent sign display stands are not only can be used to display your photos for home decor ,but also great to display? menu,poster,specials,ads, flyer, Price Sheet,brochures. Our plastic menu stands are perfect for home, office, school, restaurant, hotel ,libraries, trade shows, reception areas, waiting room,bank etc.

Our table menu display stand is lightweight and durable ,convenient and easy to is easy to clean ,and just wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it with water.

This slanted clear plexiglass sign holders can be custom made in any size ,including DL,A5,A4 and other custom size ,they can be silk printed wit custom logo or graphics. Our sign display stands are available in Landscape and portrait format.

We have been in acrylic fabrication for nearly 10 years and all of our acrylic products are made of high quality cast acrylic,which feature high transparency, and it has been proven to be stronger, more durable, and does not turn yellow like some of the cheaper imitations.
Come to contact us now with your drawing ,we would offer you the best price for you in the market!

Why do you need one tea bag holder?

In your office or your home ,you may fell a little upset by so many tea bag or coffee bag ,they are hear and there ,or sometimes it is not so easy to find them when you want to drink tea or coffee ,so you may think some organizer or holder to store these tea bag.

tea bag organizer

acrylic tea bag holder

Acrylic tea bag holder is deinately one perfect organizer case to organize and store these tea bag .
Like this multi compartment acrylic tea bag holder ,it is made of high quality acrylic material,which is strong and durable,not easy to be damaged or fragile . The transparent tea bag holder
add luxury and elegant design for any decoration in home and office.

The clear acrylic tea bag holder has 5 individual space to store, organize and separate tea bags, creamers, sugar, salt, pepper packets, sweeteners, coffee pods, filters, cups, stirring sticks, instant coffee or tea packets, liquid vitamins, water flavorings ,herbal, regular, and decaf and other beverage needs. When hold tea bag ,it can hold up to 80 piece of tea bags and greatly saving valuable cabinet or drawer space .The clear plastic tea bag organizer display these tea bag in front of you ,It is easy for you and your guests to find the type of tea you are looking for and everything stays nice and neat.

These stylish acrylic plastic tea bag organizer keeps tea bags in order and from being messy on the counter,it makes it easy to organize small or crowded kitchen spaces and keep clutter away. This tea bag holder organizer works well on counter, in cabinets, pantry and etc,it is great to keep your kitchen cabinets organized, and eliminate the pile up of tea boxes and tins;

Beside? to hold kitchen item,this tea bag holder is also a great helper ,it is ideal for organizing small office supplies, beads, screws, jewelry

Our acrylic tea bag holder is very easy to maintaince and clean,just with one wet soft cloth ,it would look new again.

Why you need acrylic display case to protect your collectional?

Everyone have his or her collection which is previouse.You may consider some display case to prtect these collection from dust.
But may think some time for its expensive cost and also it is not so easy to buy some suitable display case to keep our collection.

When keep the collection well ,we also need it can proudly showcase to our friends or customers,so acrylic display case should be the best choice.

Compared with glass display case ,acrylic display case is more tansparent,safe and also acrylic material is easy to be proceed with any shape at lower cost. What is more ,acrylic display case is not so easy to be damaged as glass display case ,that is why acrylic display cased & boxes are so popular in our daily lives.

For business collection goods or merchandise,acrylic display case would do many good thing. As we all know.when showcasing our merchandise ,espercially previouse item which are easy to be damaged or duty ,then the acrylic display case would protect our collection from dust,fingerprints,spills and also strong sunligh due to acrylic’s feature of UV protect.
What is more ,the acrylic display would be great to grab the attention of customers.
As they say. to put one hat on the dest or counter ,no one notice it ,but if we put the hat in the acrylic display and showcase it proudly ,customers ‘s attention would be very easy to drawn to the displayed hat . that is the power and magic of this acrylic display cases, they can help bussiness to stand out our merchandise effectively.

Take this acrylic display hat case ,it is custom made by our company for air force. You know arm’s hat is so honorable . With these quality acrylic display case to hold these hats in exhibition.
This acrylic display case consist of acrylic cover and quality solid wood base ,plus the metal plaque on the acrylic display,the acrylic display case tell the past previouse experience to people.

acrylic display case

acrylic display box

Depend on different people’ needs ,the acrylic display case can display different item,some people use the acrylic display box to showcase hat, some use them for trophy & plaque ,retial merchandise ,basketball or foodball and other previouse collectibles etc ,they put these acrylic display case & box on counter,private show& exhibition,showroom,museum,case wrap,register or shelves etc.

We fabricate and custom made all kinds of acrylic display case in different size and style, include full acrylic display? case ,acrylic display case with wood base,with or without lock & rise.they can be satisfied here .

Why you need sign holder for your business?

Sign display stands ,also known as menu stands ,it offer a very effect marketing tool for your retailstore businss.

These sign display stands are used to advertise new product, special offer ,cards,poster,restaurant & cafe menus, daily specials,promotion material so these sign display stands are very commly used in hotel,restaurant,takeaway store ,retail store and shopping mall etc.

These pop stand sign display provide a great way to put advertising signs around your business, making it simple to place graphics on counters, tables, desks, or even walls to help draw attention of passersby.

So according to its placement,it include floor sign holder,counter & desk sign stands,wall sign frames. They can be made out of plastic,wood ,metal,iron,aluminum or combination of these material to meet different people ‘ needs.

The sign display stand hold your printing material in front of people ,it provide you with an opportunity to grab customer attention to your ads,so by using these sign display,your businss would increase much exposure.

According to customer’s needs ,we custom made one acrylic sign display with wood base .

Place these modern sign display stands in your companies office, restaurant ,cafe store or retail establishment to display promotional materials,it would surely greatly attractive your customers’s eyes.

This T insert tabletop menu display consist of 2mm clear acrylic panel and 10mm thickness solid wood base. its upright sign holder uses a simple magnetic strip instead of screws or latches to hold your paper,which make it is very easy to replace signage just by sliding the acrylic panel. these menu sign displays? offer a unique space saving design ,it is premium quality,it is highly polished,great to provide a professional look that adds style to every location

Just like other sign stands,for this wood menu stands,we also offer both landscape or portrait orientation for your chose, the size can be available from DL,A6,A5,A4 and other custom size.

Our desk poster menu stands are ideal for single menus, offers or general information,these sign display holders are great in restaurants, bars, cafe’s and pubs.

Our wood, metal and acrylic floor stands make unique sign holders and sign display stands that are sure to get your message noticed.
As one professional fabricator and manufacturer of sign displays,we stock and can custom made a variety of sign stands .

Cable Hanging System are great to Transform your Storefront Windows

Cable hang kits are widely used in shelves,visual merchandisers,gallery ,retail store and shopping mall ,it is used to showcase your poster,listing and graphics ,offer? stylish way to advertise your products and service ,thus great to boost your business.


Led widow displays are one kind of suspended cable system display ,the illuminated poster frame hung by the cable hanging kits are extremely eye-catching ,it is becoming increasing popular in these years,they are very commonly used in retail store,letting agents,propert agencies,retail stores,hotel,restaurant .
The cable hanging window display are one effective marketing tool ,it is also inexpensive ,so more and more people are using these backlit lightbox.

As we can see ,the cable hanging display system usually consist of several parts,including clear acrylic pockets, stainless steel ,sign clamp,adapt and other accessories. It is the fact that accessories are a little many ,so many people will find it is not easy to install the lightbox. To solve this issue,we have one blog link which guide you how to install the cable hanging system quickly ,so you don’t need to worry about the installation .

When you install the cable hanging system,many people say the wire cable are too many ,which look a little disordered ,and also it look not so nice on the apperance .

In the picture ,you may notice,there are just illuminated poster frame and the stainless steel ,but you may don’t see the cable,adapt ,right? So that may be the problem of technique. Some people would hid the adapt and the cable somewhere, either on the floor ,or on the ceiling,or put them in one box.


As you know ,we just keep the cable hanging system can be conductive ,then it would light on . So when you connect the cable with the lightbox ,we can connect the cable either with the top&bottom bracelet ,or the metal part on the cable,then it would be conductive ,it doesn’t necessart that you must connect the cable somewhether on the lightbox. Just remember ,anywhether which has metal part, then it can be connect with the cable and then your led lightbox would be illuminated and work well.

According to different customers’ needs ,some may hang the lightbox in the window ,from top to the floor ,some may hang them on the wall ,so we stock a large amount of fixings .All of our support fittings are made from solid brass, they are extremely durable and nice ,available in satin chrome finish. You can be bought seperately to custom create your own present displays ,or tell us your ideal ,we would recomment you the best display solution for you,so that your gorl can be achieve well.

Do you want to get your new products stand out?

When walk down any high street,you would notice these eye-catching led window display are specially attractive,so you can’t wait to know what is displayed on these illuminated poster frames. That is the power of back lightbox!

Get? your listing and ads in these illuminated poster frame,they are so sparkling,very easy to grab the attention of passer-by and your potient customers, it is becoming more and more important advertising way for new offer and service for many bussiness ,they are so popular ,so every here and there ,you would see them .

Since 2008, we have been manufacturer and supplier of visual display products solutions. and now it have been nearly 10 years .

From consultation to design, manufacture to supply, Our extensive line of these backlit display products will enable our clients to enhance local awareness of their real estate brand.

The companies that we service are more than 12,000 over Europe and America area,Australia,the business cover real estate agents ,chain store,supermarket,retail stores offices,beauty and hair salons,restaurants ,hotel, etc.

As profesional and couple yeas of experience in led display,we are always committed to customers ,we only offer quality products with the best material and excellent services, along with a speedy turnaround on orders !

Our LED Light Pocket are specially designed ultra slim,it feature super bright(350lux or above) ,they ensure that you grab the attention of passers-by and customers. Sleek styling, frameless and flawlessly illuminated our LED Light Pockets will transform any office, hairdressers, restaurant or retail establishment and draw in business.

led window displays


Want to turn your real estate office into a dynamic environment to motivates your agents and captivates your clients?
Want to get your listing ,graphics ,poster stand out in high street to grab the attention of passer-by ?
Want to transform your windows, espercially for darkened space?

We are always here and ready to help those people who want to do a very affordable and effective investment for their better bussiness!

Call us today at 86_769-33657352 or add my whatsup at 86_15976867748, we are always here to help you!

How to install curved lightbox for your restaurant?

Attractive curved led lightbox are widely used in cafe,restaurant ,take away stores for a range of poster sizes.They can be wall mounted or hung on the ceiling and the angle can be adjust for different view.

The curved lightbox consist of durable aluminum frame and clear acrylic for front panel,your poster is illuminated by leds,so greatly to stand out your ads ,graphics in an eye-catching way.
The curved illuminated poster frame are easy to installed ,Here are some steps ,you can follow up it as below:
Firstly ,we need to assemble the each section well as picture show


Secondly , put the led strip on each lightbox frame . Please note ,there are two cable .one is white and the other is grey? White cable is connect together ,and grey cable is connect together. As picture show

Thirdly ,we need to combine each individual display together now.
As you can see ,each side panel has one hole and there are also hollow screw ,which is used to combine two separate display frame? together by going through the hole of side panel .


Fourthly ,Use one cable as main electricity cable to connect all of individual together.

Fifthly ,put on the front panel. You can insert the clear panel into the slot of backlit displays, as the picture show

Sixty when all of these backlit display are combined together ,then drill a hole on the wall ,then put on t he whole lightbox on the wall .

For these curved lightbox ,we have different size ,they are available in H40x3W0cm ,H60xW40cm,H60xW50cm,H70xW50cm. these lightbox display can be combined in 1,2,3,4,5,6 or more.



Sparkling Led Window Display Greatly Transform Your Windows

Led widow displays are made of quality acrylic panel,with led embedded in the LGP(laser engraved ) to light on? your graphics,so that passer-by and customer can notice your listing and graphics easily.

These affordable led widow display are low cost ,but feature high quality,they are specially design in ulltra slim and super bright. With these sparkling led light box in your windows ,they would look very attractive,espercially in night time ,these poster light box are extremely eye-catching,that is why these led window displays are becoming increasing popular in real estate agent ,salon,clinic,shopping mall,retail stores,hairdressers,restaurant etc .

Our led light box displays can offer a wide range of cable display hanging systems,which can be hung from ceiling to floor ,wall to wall ,window display system ,and also can be wall mounted illuminated poster displays.

No matter you need clear acrylic pocket,wire cable ,sign clamp or hanging bracelet,you can buy full kits or just by additional panels and accessories.
Usually ,the stainless steel that we provide you are 3 m long,which is enought to hold 4 or 5 acrylic poster pockets each column.So you can cut own length to meet with the quantity of led light pockets, and also you can add additional LED pocket kits to illuminate your full window if you want to display more graphics, you can also buy additional acrylic light box in different sizes and format to create an attractive window display.

If you don’t know how many led light box you need for your window ,please provide us the following information:

1.The size of your window or wall space.
2. If you need ceiling to floor hanging system,then please provide us the height between ceiling and floor. Or course ,if you need wall to wall cable display ,then please tell us the distance between two wall.
3.As we have many different size for the light box ,ranging from A5 to A0,so you need to tell us whether you need A4 or A3(for example),then we would help you to calculate the quantity of light box. Or course ,you need to confirm you need landscape or portrat format,which would also effect the quality of light box.
4.For window display ,usually ,people may perfer double side display ,also for ceiling to floor ,double side display would be perfect .but for wall to wall ,then single side display is ok ,you don’t need to waste the money ,as no one would see your ads or listing behind the wall

Newly design Acrylic Donation Collection Boxes

A donation box is a effective way of raising funds or coin for non-profitable organization or charity groups.For a charity groups,the donation box that designed must be eye-catching to attract contributions.
There are a variety of donation boxes in the market in different material ,like metal,cardboard ,plastic and acrylic donation boxes.
It is the fact that metal donation container is strong ,not so easy to be damaged ,but as metal is not see-through,so when people want to donation ,they may be curious about the fund that they donate. Thus a see-through donation box in clear acrylic would inspire people to make donations ,as they can see there are funds or coin in the donation collection box. Some other did that ,so it should be ok that they also do that.
Today ,we would like to recommend our newly design donation box ,which developed from our old style acrylic donation box item No .YGB-004.

As you can see ,this donation box don’t have sign holder,but it has a slot ,which can be insert hard paper or graphics.So it function the same as old donation box,but decrease more space ,and also as you can see ,it look much beautiful.
The counter donation collection box is currently our best seller ,it is made of sturdy and clear acrylic material,it feature a slot for lock to keep your donations safe. Since this donation collection box has a fundraising display,which you can put your company logo ,information and graphics in it ,so it work also great as raffle box,ticket box?,ballot box ,suggestion and comment boxes.
These?durable acrylic donation boxes?are? ideal to place near cash registers or on desks,they are great to bring in more donations for your group,When placing these plastic fundraising boxes in high traffic areas ,they will quickly increase the offerings given to your cause.

We have been designing and supplying Donation Boxes to charities,non-profitable and red cross groups, Museums and other organizations for nearly 10 years. We use local products in our manufacturing wherever possible. Our team of engineers, product and graphic designers is standing by ready to create custom collection boxes and collection tins to meet your specific needs.You can easily choose the donation box that best fits your taste and your nonprofit organization’s fundraising needs.

LED Illuminated Standoff are perfect to standout your signage

LED StandOffs ,also called as LED Sign Standoff Hardware and backlit signage fixture,it is made of silver satin aluminum finish to illuminated and shine through your transparent panel,like PVC,acrylic panel,glass etc.

The led standoff mounts hold your signage or graphics away from the wall and present you a 3-dimensional look,they provide an effective way for displaying signs.
By illuminating your signage in these eye-catching leds light ,your signage will capture the attention of customers and increase a brand image easily,so the illuminated led standoff bring new opportunities to the signage industry,these led illuminated standoff kit would create amazing illuminated signage and displays.

Each LED sign standoff have a diameter of 80mm and height of 1-inch,it is used to hold 3/16″ to 3/8″ thick panel. Your signage would need to have holes drilled out 9/16″, and the maximum thickness these standoffs can accommodate is 3/8″ (for best results).

The LED sign standoff is lighted by LEDS,which adopt the latest LED technology and consume low cost but very energy efficient (just consume merely 4 watts per unit but produce a 40 lumen, cool white output with an approximate 10,000 hour bulb life.)and thus offer a professional and appealing look to attract passer-by. The color temperature is cool white (6000k-6500k) with a beam pattern of 120degrees

The lights of these standoffs are super bright,it is great to illuminate a plexi-glass etching and they make it as if i have a regular light on in a room
This led standoff kit includes 2 LED standoff mounts and necessary hardware,they are available in different color ,including white, Blue, Red, and Green light ,they are great to mount a display in hotels,office, restaurants,hotel, retail stores and many more locations,they provide a unique and modern way to support illuminated acrylic panel for a business.